It was a historic day for a NASA astronaut who calls New Castle home, as Andrew Morgan arrived at the International Space Station on the moon landing's 50th anniversary Saturday.

Morgan launched into space along with two others around 12:30 p.m.

After completing the six-hour journey to the ISS, the crew docked to the service module and floated through the hatch to warm greetings by their colleagues already aboard the station. 

The mission is Morgan's first trip into space. 

In Shenango Township, a launch party took place for family and friends who anxiously gathered in front of the TV to watch it all live. 

NASA astronaut Doug Wheelock was even there to provide analysis of what was going on. 

Morgan's sisters-in-law said it was extremely emotional to watch.

"The launch leading up, we were just emotional, and we were excited. We were getting ready and were nervous, so when I heard those words 'normal and textbook launch', I cried," said Sara Morgan.

"I was definitely on the edge of my seat until they said it was a textbook launch and everything was fine, so I was able to relax a little bit. So yes, it was a little stressful with kids holding my hands and everybody just waiting for those seconds to pass, but yeah we are very excited," said Anne Morgan. 

Morgan will spend nearly ten months on the ISS and will get to conduct a number of spacewalks and experiments.