More good news for the Shenango Valley Mall as millions of dollars are going toward improving the city of Hermitage.

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf announced the $2.5 million Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program (RACP) grant Thursday.

It's all part of the city's redevelopment project that will be used for the acquisition, infrastructure, construction and other related costs for the redevelopment of the Hermitage Town Center, which includes the Shenango Valley Mall property. 

The project would also provide retail, commercial, recreational, and housing opportunities for local families and visitors.

"Establishing a Town Center where citizens from throughout the region can gather, recreate, and enjoy retail, entertainment, and culinary amenities is a key part of advancing our local economy. I am pleased that we were able to secure the necessary public funding to help implement this visionary project," said Representative Mark Longietti. 

The city of Hermitage recently adopted the Hermitage 2030 Comprehensive Plan and, by far, the community’s top priority is the plan’s Core Value – “Vibrant Center."

The plan details: With the retail commercial landscape changing, the time is ripe to focus on creating a walkable city center that is home to public open space, a mixture of uses and entertainment. Placing a higher emphasis on building form and design can help to establish an identity for what it is now, the geographic center of the city.

“This is great news for the city of Hermitage and surrounding communities. With the ink barely dry on the Comprehensive Plan, these funds will provide critical assistance for the implementation of this initiative," said Gary Hinkson, Hermitage City Manager. "The receipt of these funds was made possible through a strong working partnership with Senator Michele Brooks and Representative Mark Longietti.”

The RACP funded project will strengthen the foundation of the center city, and the project is expected to be a leading economic development example of what a city can accomplish by collaborating with private developers, economic development partners, and state agencies.

“The city of Hermitage is committed to the implementation of the Comprehensive Plan recommendations to develop a vibrant city center and to provide a high quality of life for residents and an inviting atmosphere for the public," said Bill Moder, President, Hermitage Board of Commissioners. 

This news comes just one day after an Akron realty company came forward and said it would help redevelop the mall.