A child sex investigation that made headlines in Warren 27 years ago is back in the news.

Describing an Ohio prison inmate as the “consummate child sexual predator,” the Trumbull County Prosecutor says he wants to keep former Warren businessman and convicted child sex offender Martin Petersime locked up.

Petersime, 65, has served 26 years and seven months of a 12 to 40-year sentence on charges of rape, pandering obscenity involving minors, using minors in nudity-oriented material, pandering sexual material involving minors, corruption of minors, and disseminating materials to juveniles.

Prosecutor Dennis Watkins has written a letter urging Ohio parole authorities to deny Petersime's request for parole when he appears for a hearing scheduled for next month.

In 1992, Martin Petersime, a respected businessman and music teacher, who was involved in his church was exposed as a child sex predator after a barely clad 15-year-old boy ran from the Warren Music Store to the Warren Police Department clutching a videotape.

That tape exposed what Petersime had been up to in the basement of his store. Petersime told the young boy to dance a strip-tease in front of a camera. Petersime, then videotaped himself naked, dancing to the music of Van Halen's song, "Running with the Devil." When Petersime, went upstairs, the boy grabbed as many of his clothes as he could and fled with Petersime chasing him.

As a result of the evidence gathered with a search warrant, Warren Police, and the Trumbull Prosecutor's Office were able to indict the former business owner on 20 felony counts involving six different children.

Other children came forward and reported they had been abused by Petersime years before, while they were music students at his store.

Videos showed how the then 39-year-old had abused at least six young boys at his music store, including the rapes of two boys ages 11 and 12.

In his letter to the parole board, Prosecutor Watkins said Petersime's prison record shows that “he is wired differently and does not learn from his past mistakes,” adding that Petersime “has no shame.”

Watkins cites two prison rule infractions including the 2011 discovery of pornography on a computer that Petersime used in a 2011 prison outreach program with Ashland University.

Also, Watkins says that although Petersime has been in prison since 1992, he has yet to complete a comprehensive sex offender program.

Petersime has been denied parole in 2009 and 2014.

If he completes his full sentence, Petersime would not be released from prison until 2032 when he is 78-years-old.