A local business owner was the center of attention at the Canfield Fairgrounds Thursday morning.

Local Window World owner, Fred Moran, was part of a tandem jump and parachuted during opening ceremonies.

"That was exhilarating let me tell you the first step is amazing. The first step you have all that wind, and the noise and nothing under you until you free fall for about 20 seconds or so and then the chute opens up and it gets very quiet and then so serene. It was amazing," said Moran.

This jump was part of a greater mission for the 84-year-old to promote Window World's initiative to hire veterans at more than 200 locations across the country. 

"This was not a lark this had a purpose. Window world across the country, 200 plus locations in 47 states, they are reaching out to the veterans. Whether they be old, young, able, disabled, it makes no difference they can go to Careers for heroes.org. And they can fill out an application for employment in one of 200 locations," said Moran. 

"We think Window World is on the right track, I'm a vet , we've got a lot of vets in Window World and so whatever we can do to bring them on board to hire them, nothing better." 

Moran tandem jumped with veteran Mike Elliott who also jumped with president George H.W. bush three times.

"It's nothing like that honor being able to take a former president up and fall out of an airplane, you know talk about some serious trust," described Elliott, president and founder of the All Veteran Group.

Trust that Moran also had with Elliott and Moran says he would do it all over again.

"Yes I would without a doubt not today but yeah I would," Moran explained.

Moran also said that this exciting event is still only second to being married to his wife for 61 years which still ranks first and this jump is second.