A fundraising event for Akron Children's Hospital Mahoning Valley in its sixth year continues to grow. 

Saturday night, people from all over gathered in Cortland for Meritage of Miracles.

The evening dedicated to helping terminally ill and disabled children features live entertainment, auctions, and fine dining.  

The event founder, Dr. Michelle Sergi, said there is always going to be children in need and all of the funds raised help children right here in the Valley. 

"The families here really struggle to travel all the way up and back to the Akron Main Campus. This brings care directly to their homes and in the hospital in the Mahoning Valley. They get care, medication coverage, medical equipment, respire care, even end of life care here in the Mahoning Valley," said Dr. Sergi.

So far, Meritage of Miracles has raised about $200,000 for Akron Children's Mahoning Valley.

Sergi said they are hoping to raise about $50,000.