South Range High School is the first location to present the "Stay Alive initiative" to students.

The initiative aims to break down barriers between law enforcement and the community.

Students watched a presentation from Initiative Developer Ron King, called "Don't Trigger Their Training."

"This program is proactive in trying to take some kind of initiative towards mending the relationships that need to be there between us and the police officers who we truly need," King said.

Students received tips on proper behavior, relationship building, and respect for law enforcement.

The program also touches on citizens' rights, behaviors, and laws when it comes to traffic stops.

Everyone who completes the program receives a "Stay Alive Card," which has instructions on what to do and how to behave when stopped by law enforcement.

Officers will then be able to identify the Stay Alive Card and recognize the person has completed Stay Alive training.

"Seeing the card creates a common ground of communication and dialogue where there is something that is the same between the public and the police officer as opposed to what makes us different," King said.

King hopes the program continues in other counties and is adopted statewide.

The program previously ran at Howland High School to over 900 students.