October 5

1994: The Mahoning Valley Economic Development Corp honors Hubbard native Rudolph A. Schlais Jr., general manager of Packard Electric, as its businessman of the year. He will be leaving Packard to become president of General Motors China Operations.

Two New Castle, Pa., city school teachers are among nine people accused of pool-selling and bookmaking in a gambling investigation that has been going on for a year.

Boardman, Austintown, and Howland join a new statewide organization that will advocate for the interests of more populous urban townships.

1979: The U.S. Senate confirms the appointment of former Youngstown lawyer Nathaniel R. Jones to the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati. Jones, chief counsel of the NAACP, was nominated by President Jimmy Carter. 

Mahoning County Commissioner John Palermo says deteriorating bridges and the increasing cost of running county government justifies passing a piggyback sales tax as an emergency measure.

Frank DeMain Jr. of the Youngstown bomb squad dismantles a dynamite bomb found near the Warren home of James P. Matash, Trumbull County's maintenance supervisor.

1969: Air samples taken in Farrell, Pa., during the first six months of the year show that the city has a worse air pollution problem than most industrialized communities in the Midwest. Only Chicago has dirtier air. 

WFMJ Radio and Television will make free time available for all candidates between the Nov. 4 elections. Two five-minute spots will be provided to each candidate.

Intricate and expensive computers have become one of the most important tools of Youngstown business firms, including brokerage houses. Computerized trades in securities may soon become a reality.

1944: Maj. Gen. Paul R. Hawley, chief surgeon of U.S. forces in Europe, says whole blood is being flown to Europe where it is saving soldiers' lives. The Mahoning Red Cross faces a goal of collecting 650 pints of blood in the coming week.

About 750 workers are laid off by the MacKensie Muffler Co. on Meridian Road after a cutback in orders for aircraft fuel tanks for the Army.

Grants Department Store's 38th annual sale has ladies blouses and skirts priced at $2.76 each, Christmas cards at 33 cents a box and men's sweaters for $3.49.