A second-grader from Girard may face charges after allegedly bringing an 8-10 inch knife to school and threatening another student who would not give a toy back. 

According to a police report, the weapon was found in the second-grade boy's bathroom on Friday. 

On Monday morning, the two students involved were questioned by the school's principal and school resource officer. 

According to a police report, the nine-year-old student who was threatened told the principal and school resource officer that the other boy was mad at him because he had a toy knife of his. 

After he didn't get his toy back, the eight-year-old student allegedly then threatened his classmate with the blade saying, "If you don't give me my knife, you will get this." 

According to a police report, the student who made the threat admitted to doing so and said that he put the knife in the bathroom on his way to breakfast because he knew it was wrong to have a knife in school.

Charges are pending against the student who made the threat.