A Girard family is heartbroken after their 9-month-old puppy, Bubba Puppers, died after he was hit by a truck.

The driver of the truck that hit the puppy took off after striking the animal.

Bubba Puppers owner Patrick McGrogan said he broke out of his harness in their yard on Stambaugh Street and took off towards 422.

"I was like Bubba, come here and he just turned and ran right into the road. I wasn't close enough to catch him, couldn't stop the cars," said McGrogan.

"As soon as it happened, I stopped, I started screaming, I panicked. I couldn't believe what I was witnessing as the truck kept going. I figured the truck would pull in this way, but no total disregard."

McGrogan's 12-year-old daughter came home from school and was told the devastating news.

The police chief explained to McGrogan that there is a blind spot near the corner and that high speed is an issue in the area.

"It is a blind spot as you make that right turn. People do take that a little too quick especially with that green light there," said Girard Police Chief John Norman.

There are neighborhoods on all of the side streets near 422 and plenty of kids and animals in that area.

Kids get on and off the school bus there and the chief says the incident could have been even worse.

"You have to be mindful of your speed especially with the traffic. Who's out, bus stops, time of day, we get a lot of pedestrian traffic down there," said Chief Norman.

Chief Norman also said that the car should have stopped and would not have been in in any sort of trouble.

As the McGrogan's mourn the loss of Bubba Puppers, they hope that drivers listen to the warnings.

"It could have been someone's baby, it could have been anyone but it was me chasing my dog," said McGrogan.