If media reports are accurate that a new product for the idled Lordstown Assembly plant is not included in the proposed tentative agreement between the United Autoworkers Union and General Motors, UAW Local 1112 President Tim O'Hara says he will vote against sending the proposal to members.

Speaking on WFMJ Today, O'Hara said that while other UAW locals around the country will be looking at wages and profit-sharing, he's waiting to find out if months of bargaining resulted in any commitment from GM to bring a new car, SUV, or truck to Lordstown, which has been idle since earlier this year when production of the Chevy Cruze ended.

Presidents and Chairpersons from UAW locals at GM plants throughout the U.S. will meet Thursday morning in Detroit as members of the GM Council to hear details of the proposed tentative contract.

A majority of those council members must approve of the agreement before it goes before individual members of the UAW around the U.S.  The council will also decide if the five-week-long strike against GM will continue, or if employees will go back to work while members vote on the agreement. 

"Without a product for our location, I will have to vote 'no' because our whole purpose has been to get another product for Lordstown," said O'Hara.

Several media outlets are reporting that the tentative pact does not include a new product for Lordstown.

"If these reports are true, it will be a sad day for the Valley and a sad day for America," said O'Hara. "Building vehicles in Mexico and China does nothing for America. We've built more than 16 million vehicles (in Lordstown) and want another chance to do so."

O'Hara says he expects he will have an opportunity to address other UAW leaders at the meeting scheduled to begin at 10:30 a.m. Thursday.

"If it's true that we won't have a product, that's a bridge we'll have to cross when we come to it," said O'Hara.

21 News Reporter Matt Stone is in Detroit and will have the latest information following the meeting.