UAW members continue to picket at the GM Lordstown plant, which is scheduled to close after a new contract is ratified.  Three of the four pickets outside the main gate are now working at plants in Michigan.  They plan to vote no on the new four-year contract and hope others will too.

"It's a no vote for me," said George Kluchar of Austintown, who is now working in Lansing, Michigan.

"I say no. I say, everybody, I don't care whatever state your from vote no on this contract," Frank Sarna of Warren said.  He feels this is just the beginning and that more GM workers are going to end up the same as Lordstown.

"It's going to happen. They're going to start closing more plants down. After they get this contract, in four years, you won't be able to do anything," Sarna said.

The workers say after all they did to help the Lordstown plant; this is just a slap in the face. 

Rank and file voting on the new contract agreement is expected to be completed next week.