The FDA has issued two flour recalls for the following brands for possible E. Coli contamination.

- Wild Harvest® Organic All-Purpose Unbleached Flour (5-pound bag)

- Hodgson Mill All-Purpose White Wheat Flour (5-pound bag)

The Wild Harvest flour recalled has a best if used by date of 01-08-20.

The Hodgson Mill flour recalled has a best if used by date of 10-01-20 and 10-02-20.

The Centers for Disease Control warns consumers not to consume raw flour or uncooked products containing flour. 

E. coli is killed by heat through baking, frying, or boiling products made with flour. 

The most common symptoms of E. coli are diarrhea, abdominal cramps, nausea, and vomiting, which develop within three or four days of eating contaminated food. The illness usually lasts about a week, and most people recover without treatment.

Consumers who have purchased the packages of flour that may be affected are urged to stop using the product immediately and return them to the place of purchase.

The manufacturers have not received any direct consumer reports of confirmed illnesses related to these products.

This recall is being issued out of caution.