With record-breaking sales online Thursday and big online stores like Amazon putting out new deals on the hour, some might wonder how small local businesses compete. 

Some say Black Friday shopping crowds aren't what they used to be, but walking around the Eastwood Mall tells a different story. 

Jeff Lyda, the owner of Everything Buckeyes, said that his store is growing with trends, selling online, on Amazon, and in the store. He believes shoppers still want an in-store personal experience. 

"Why not come out and be social. I think that's the great thing about shopping," Lyda said, "Being able to touch and feel the product have the dressing room available so you can try it on and then offering personalized services."

Other owners say they have unique strategies and items to keep shoppers in their stores. 

At Gracy Lane, they try to bring in items that people wouldn't otherwise be able to find online.