After a couple of calls and emails to the 21 Newsroom from viewers complaining about the quality of their water, we called Meander Water.  The viewers were telling us that they detected an odor coming from their tap water. 

Jim Jones, Chief Engineer at Meander Water, says they are working on the issue.  Jones wanted to stress that the water is safe to drink and use.  He says this is not a health issue.

Jones says from time to time; there's "activity" in the reservoir where you get a mixing of algae and other debris and material.  This mixing of debris comes into contact with the "raw water."

Right now, Meander Water officials are making adjustments to the water purification process to address the odor issue directly.  This odor problem will be spotty, and not everyone will experience it.

Officials have been working on the issue for a couple of weeks and will continue to do so until it's corrected.  

If you would like to follow any news updates or alerts from Meander Water, you can now follow them on twitter:  @MeanderWater.


The Mahoning Valley Sanitary District was formed in 1926 and began providing water to its member cities in 1932.  Those member cities include Youngstown, Niles, and McDonald.