The owner of AUTOParkit in Warren entered a re-payment agreement this week by paying off delinquent taxes on properties that he owns.

Christopher Alan owns eight parcels, including properties on Dana Street.

Trumbull County Treasurer Sam Lamancusa says Alan paid $39,506.98 in owed taxes on two of the eight parcels that he owns on Monday.

The next tax deadline is set for March.

Overall, the taxes Alan owed totaled almost $400,000. That amount will be divided into ten payments over five years.

AUTOParkit is a company that designs and builds automated parking garages. It was first introduced to city leaders about four years ago with the promise of jobs. 

In recent months, Alan said he was still working to build his future business in Warren.

"I'm still 100 percent committed to this town," said Allen. " You guys don't see stuff on the outside right now, but the investment we continue to make on the inside is significant."