The search for the gunman who fired at a Warren police officer, who was off duty at the time, continues.

Now the radio traffic from the incident in Howland Monday describes the initial moments after Officer Noah Linnen checked on what he thought was a disabled vehicle.

Radio traffic

Radio, shots fired Warren Avenue. I'm hit twice. Subject fled. Vehicle— full size SUV black south on Pine. I'm coming up on Deforest now.

Noah, did you say you were hit?
I'm hit twice. 
Is your vehicle hit or you hit?
I think I'm hit twice in the shoulder.

Bullets did strike Linnen's car, and he thought at first he might be hit but realized later he was not.

"On the way to the hospital, he was checking himself and realized that he wasn't hit, and further realized that when he got to the hospital, and they examined him," Warren Police Chief Eric Merkel explained.

Over the radio an official said Linnen was able to return three rounds through his door.

Radio traffic

Alright, I have him with me. I'm going to be running red to the hospital. The car's here, I have his weapon. There are bullet holes in the car. Someone needs to get here ASAP.

He doesn't look to be hit but probably still injured from the impact. Still going to the hospital.

On Tuesday, Linnen said he is doing fine. He is now on administrative leave, per protocol, and resting at home. 

State investigators are now assisting local authorities as the investigation of the incident continues. 

The shooting scene on Pine Avenue in Howland was closed to traffic for a time on Tuesday as officers searched both sides of the roadway, in the event the shooting suspect may have discarded the weapon. But nothing was found.

Officer Linnen was off duty and on his way home when he stopped to check on what he thought was a disabled vehicle.

Chief Merkel says protocol would not require him to be wearing a bulletproof vest.

"No, he was off duty, in his own car, so no bulletproof vest," Merkel said.

Because this is an officer-involved shooting, Howland's police chief says BCI will be handling the investigation.

"There was gunfire exchanged between both parties. We have not interviewed the officer yet, BCI is going to take care of that part of the process since they will be doing the officer-involved shooting part of the investigation," Howland Chief Nick Roberts said.

Warren's safety service director says in a case like this, all available resources are put to work. "When someone pulls the trigger that's taken very seriously, and we want all hands on deck, and we want all resources available to the appropriate departments," said Eddie Colbert.

Colbert says he is thankful that Linnen was not injured, but says such an incident also takes an emotional toll. 

"I think we can all understand that it was obviously a very difficult situation for this officer," Colbert said.

Officer Linnen is expected to return to duty next week.