Bazetta Township residents concerned about a shooting range being built on the Trumbull County Fairgrounds will have a chance to learn more about the project.

The Trumbull County Commissioners have announced that a public meeting will be held next week to address concerns about what a news release calls a “proposed” shooting range on the fairgrounds.

Commissioner Frank Fuda tells 21 News that Sheriff Paul Monroe has enlisted the help of the county road department to bring piles of dirt to the fairgrounds.

Fuda says neighbors who have seen the activity in the area of Durst Clagg Road have called the commissioners wanting to know what's going on.

21 News left with a message with the sheriff's department requesting more information, such as authorization for the project, cost of the project, and if any other agency would be using the range.

As of this writing, 21 News has not heard back from the sheriff.

The informational meeting on the shooting range will be held Wednesday, January 22, 2020, at noon in the Trumbull County Commissioner's Hearing Room located on the fifth floor of the County Administration Building, 160 High St. NW, Warren.