Anger tonight about a decision by the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Northern District of Ohio to not pursue criminal civil rights charges against Niles Police Officers. These are the law enforcement officers involved in shooting and killing Matthew Burroughs.

While many have forgotten about the January 2019 case, it's far from over for the victim's loved ones, and the Urban League that's fighting it says to make things right.

It was January 2nd of 2019 when Niles Police say 35-year-old Burroughs of Niles tried to use his car as a weapon to run down a police officer. Burroughs had apparently fled Niles Court minutes earlier, his passenger door hitting a bailiff as he fled.

At the Royal Mall Apartments, where police caught up with Burroughs, that's where officers opened fire shooting and killing him. An investigation cleared officers of any wrongdoing.

Now the U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Ohio confirms the office will not pursue any criminal civil rights charges against any Niles officers in the case, including Officer Chris Mannella.

The U.S. Attorney's Office says, "We've determined that there is an insufficient basis for a federal prosecution in this matter."

Thomas Conley, with the Greater Youngstown/Warren Urban League, tells 21 News he's angry, "First of all when I heard it you know, I was very angry and I knew some time ago that this was going to happen. And you know it's not surprising -- especially in a political year."

Conley believes the evidence is right before their eyes.

"What happened that that car was not moving - when he was shot dead. That's evidence enough there and then when they pulled him out of the car -- the car lunged forward, why? Because he had his foot on the break?"

Jennifer Cox, a former girlfriend and the mother of Burroughs' oldest daughter, says the Niles man did not deserve a death sentence.

"I'm hurt, I'm upset, I'm confused. I don't understand. He didn't have a gun. There's no actual proof that he tried to hit no officer with a car. Like I just believe, and I know that they could have got out the way."

The Urban League vows the Matthew Burroughs case is not going to die; there's more to come.