The iconic line from the movie "Field of Dreams" said 'if you build it, they will come'. In the case of four-year-old Andrew Codner's 'field of dreams', they came and built it.

That story began when Andrew came down with what his parents thought might've been an allergy.

"Took him to the pediatrician, she sent us to Akron Children's (Hospital) to run some labs and see what was going on," said Andrew's dad Kolt. "30 minutes later they tell us 'well we see suspicious cells in his blood, we think he has leukemia'."

A devastating diagnosis that threatened to put Andrew's love for baseball out of reach - but not for long.

"I had spray painted some bases in the backyard," said Kolt. "One of my friends, Kevin Mercer, works at Denison University and their facilities team...saw the photo and said 'this is something I can help out with'. Next thing we know we've got the contractor who's done with at the Scrappers and Akron Rubber Ducks and major league stadiums, NFL stadiums, and really a ton of folks in our backyard helping make Andrew's dream field a reality."

And in just two and a half days, Andrew got the surprise of his precious young life - his very own version of his favorite ballpark.

"All the construction workers did it...and that makes me feel happy!" he says.

Andrew and his dad wanted to thank the crew - who even put up foul poles before they wrapped up their work.

"Just an amazing act of kindness," said Kolt.

A big job matched only by one little boy's big love for baseball.