Just days before Christmas, five children have been removed from a Warren home. One of them is now in the care of Akron Children's Hospital. Officials described the 5-year-old boy as just skin and bones, emaciated with bruising and injuries from head-to-toe. It's a case of what Warren police call child abuse and torture.

According to a Warren Police Department report, it happened at a home on Austin Avenue. Police were called to the house for a child possibly being kept in the basement and rarely fed. Cameras were allegedly set up to send alerts if the child were to come upstairs, according to the report.

Warren Detective Nick Carney did not comment on all the details of the case but said what they found was "horrible."

The child's mom, 31-year-old Canchata Allgood, was arrested and booked on a charge of felony child endangering, according to Carney.

"When I seen him, I didn't even recognize him as my grandson," said Donald Allgood, who is the grandfather of all five children in the home, and the father of the woman charged.

Donald Allgood said his daughter -- who had fallen out of touch over the past several months -- had "recently" contacted him about taking the child off her hands. But he says she never followed through.

"My heart is in pain right now. My body is in pain right now. It plays in my mind over and over again what I saw (Tuesday)," said Donald Allgood.

The child's father said he had been fighting for about a month to see his son. But says Canchata Allgood always had an excuse on why he couldn't.

"I don't hate her. I wish the best for her, but I'm very disappointed. I'm very angry, and I'm more sad than anything," said the child's father, Randy Kaigler. "I haven't seen my son yet. He's still at the hospital, and I already know when I see him based off of what I've heard already, that it's going to break me."

"My daughter has always been a good mother and by no means am I defending her. Up until this point, she has always been a good mother to her children. I don't know what happened. I can't assume what happened, but all I know what I saw today was heartbreaking," said Donald Allgood.

"If you have a child that you don't want, give him to somebody," said Kaigler. "If you see somebody beating on a child, please speak up because these children are helpless. They can't defend themselves."

Both men expressed gratitude to the Warren Police Department and Trumbull County Children Services. Donald Allgood says they may have saved his grandson's life.

Officials at Trumbull County Children Services were not able to comment specifically on the case. They did tell 21 News that although officers may have been originally turned away from a home and told they could not come in or see a child, they always find a way.

"We always make it happen. Whether we go a legal route, whether we send special officers or investigators, we will make sure a child is safe," said Tim Schaffner with Trumbull County Children Services.

Canchata Allgood is scheduled to be arraigned in court on Wednesday.