Two Trumbull County women are telling police they believe someone put drugs in a drink they were sharing at a Warren bar.

A 29-year-old Masury woman and a 33-year-old Cortland woman went to Warren Police Headquarters on Monday to file a report that police say is a possible case of corrupting another with drugs.

The women said they were sharing one drink with two straws at a bar on East Market Street last Wednesday night when they were approached by someone claiming to be the bar owner trying to recruit employees.

The suspect introduced another person to the women, who say they went to the restroom, then returned to the bar to finish their drink.

The women told officers they began to feel ill and went back to the restroom.

The two said they felt so sick, one of them was laying on the bathroom floor and the other was leaning against the door when one of the suspects pushed the door open and asked if they were feeling okay.

The women say they don’t remember how they got from the bathroom to another part of the bar that was away from other customers.

The women say they got out of their chairs and had to shove their way past the suspects to leave the bar and go across the street to another bar where they contacted a family friend to pick them up.

One woman said she had to stop several times to vomit as they walked to the other bar.

Police told the women that a report would be on file.

The report doesn't indicate the gender of the suspects, or whether any charges will be filed