More fireworks in Newton Falls Monday night as Mayor Ken Kline ended the city council meeting before it even got started because three council members failed to show up.

Sandra Breymaier, Tarry Alberini and Adam Zimmerman were all no-shows at the meeting with Kline asking the police chief to go find them and bring them to the meeting.

"We do not have the right to place anybody in our custody, it's a 4th amendment right sir," said Police Chief Gene Fixler.

"I'm really tired of the game," Kline shouted. "Everytime we turn around, all these people want to do is vote, that is all they want to do."

Without Breymaier, Alberini and Zimmerman, a quorum was not present for city council to vote on a resolution to set the recall election date for Breymaier.

After Kline tried calling Zimmerman, he seemed to get even more frustrated.

"There's a lot of garbage on this agenda that I don't like either but are we all going to walk out, is that the way we do it around here," Kline said.

Resident Brian Kropp then suggested the people of Newton Falls take matters into their own hands.

"These individuals don't have the right to hold us all hostage like this because that is exactly what they're doing," Kropp said. "I say we call a quorum of our own, vote them out and vote in new members of council because if they don't want to represent us, we'll remove them."

Calling it embarrassing, Kline adjourned the meeting and several people were booed out of the building. Kline said an emergency meeting would be called and could happen as early as Tuesday, May 4th.

All of this was preceeded by a rally for Mayor Kline. About 50 people gathered outside to support the mayor. People were honking their horns, holding up signs and singing the song, "We're not gonna take it."

"We're tired. The city of Newton Falls is tired of some of the councilmen and city manager not listening to us," Jaime Kline said. "They don't care about the will of the people, they care about their own agenda, that's how we feel."

Last week, Breymaier and Alberini filed a motion to have Kline removed as mayor after Kline kicked out Newton Falls Law Director A. Joseph Fritz out of the April 19th council meeting.

A petition was then signed with more than 550 signatures in support of Kline. The motion was later removed.

"I can be the nicest guy in the world, but don't mistake the meakness for weakness," Kline said. "I am going to do whatever it takes for my community."