As we get back to normal, we're starting to see more outdoor events throughout the Mahoning Valley attracting a large crowd once again. 

One new event in Columbiana County brought in hundreds Friday evening. In East Liverpool, the very first 'First Fridays on the Fifth' event kicked off Friday night.

"We decided to do 'First Friday's on Fifth' as a way to jump start people getting back out of the house and to come downtown," said Kathy Hyatt Smith, Director of ELCPR. "We're all about economic development and feet on the streets. Obviously, there's been a lot of revitalization in the town."

From dozens of small business street vendors, a live band, to the new Renovatio's Taproom and Restaurant, downtown East Liverpool pulled in hundreds to celebrate summer.

"When people know that there's these things here and they're willing to come into East Liverpool for events like this, then you get people from Columbiana and Salem saying, 'hey, East Liverpool also has these events that we can go to," explained Lindsey Smoot, entrepreneur with Knotty Hookers. 

"There's people that will support our community and they're coming from all over East Liverpool," said Greg Bricker, Mayor of East Liverpool. "So, the opportunity is there and we're going through that revitalization right now."

"We're going to have a large crowd, probably larger than we have anticipated," Hyatt Smith said. "Because, people are hungry to get out, see other people and interact. That's what small-town America's all about. Everybody wants to see each other, say hello and toast to the post-pandemic."

Event goers told 21 News it's great to kick off summer in a post-pandemic world.

"Everybody is ready," said Jim Labatini, musician with Full Circle Band. "So, we're excited to be here and hopefully we got this under control now as far as the virus is concerned."

"Especially friends, I just saw some I haven't seen in a year," said Bruce Walls of East Liverpool. "So, it's really nice being out here."