Strawberries and summertime go hand and hand and for multiple local farms, this may be the best crop in a number of years.

"Yeah everybody is busy harvesting right now, everyone is busy picking," says Carl Angiuli, Owner of Angiuli's Farm Market.

Some farms were worried that late-season frost may kill off some of the early strawberry crops.

"The challenges we had early on was the cold early on and the extreme cold in April and then frost there every day, we had a light frost on Mother's day so we had to protect the blooms because at that time they were setting fruit to strawberries," adds Angiuli. 

As some farmers tell me the weather has been absolutely perfect for their strawberry crop.

"It's been relatively dry and dry and hot makes for sweet. You don't want a lot of water, that's why we are a little worried about the forecast this week. You get too many days in a row of water you lose some of the sugar in the strawberries," says Rick Molnar of Molnar Farms. 

Other area farms like White House Fruit Farm and Pete's Berry Farm in Sharpsville both say their boasting strong years and plan to have their fields open for picking in the coming weeks.