Lordstown Motors Corporation continued to trumpet plans to begin making the all-electric Endurance pickup truck next month even as the company’s stock value plummeted to a new low.

LMC’s RIDE shares closed at $4.77 per share on Thursday, falling nearly 9.5% in value for the day.

It’s the lowest price for the stock since trading began last year and contrasts with a high of $31.57 on February 11 of this year.

The stock decline came on the same day the company issued a news release with the headline; “Real People - Making Real Trucks - In a Real Plant”

The three-sentence update from LMC stated that the company still plans to begin production in September:

A community-built from generations who built America, in the heartland of Ohio where creativity meets the values that put it to work - it's Lordstown - and it's here to stop the industry in its tracks.

As we head towards the start of production in September, meet the people behind the Endurance - the people who show up every day with passion, heart and commitment - to develop the first full-size, all-electric pickup.

See for yourself what it means to #RideWithLordstown

Lordstown Motors stock has seen a general decline even before a March report from Hindenburg Research questioning company claims of 100,000 “pre-orders” for its endurance truck.

Since then, the company has seen the resignations of two corporate officers, lawsuits from investors, and investigations by the Securities and Exchange Commission and the U.S. Attorney.