A picture posted over the weekend on the Mahoning County Dog Warden's Facebook page has been shared more than six-thousand times and the office says they have since been contacted by people all over the country wanting to help.
The image of "Fido" shows an extremely emaciated dog. The post said, "A lifetime of neglect and starvation caused this."
The picture was taken after surgery and after one week of hospitalization. The post also stated that because of the dog's condition, he was only able to eat two tablespoons of food mixed with water every two hours to prevent organ failure.
An updated post on Monday said the Dog Warden's office has since been contacted by people all over the country. Some want to foster Fido, while others were interested in adoption. The Dog Warden's Office says they were even contacted by someone in Canada.
The post goes on to say, "Fido is only one dog but he represents the countless number of homeless in shelters and pounds all over the world."
The post then encourages people to contact a shelter near them and offer to foster or adopt. 
"Some have horrible backgrounds like Fido’s. Neglected, abused and abandoned. All deserve a happy healthy life as much as he does. For some their story just hasn’t been told. Look into their eyes. They will tell you," said the post.
The Dog Warden says the dog was originally picked up on E. Philadelphia Avenue. They are unable to prove if the dog had an owner, therefore no charges will be pressed.
Fido has since been placed in a foster home.