Several business owners and professionals who have substantially impacted the Boardman Township community were honored Monday evening at the Lariccia Family Community Center in Boardman Park. 

The awards were presented by the Boardman Civic Association.

This year's awards were given to these individuals in the following categories:

• Citizen of the Year — Judge Joseph Houser

• Business Person of the Year — John Kufleitner, Kufleitner Auto Group

• Community Service Award — Boardman Community Baseball

• New Buildings Awards — Valley View Investors, LLC and The Parikh Network

• Refurbished Building Award — Sweeney Buick GMC

"Our board of directors are very involved in the community, and we take input from our members," said Mark Luke, board member of the Boardman Civic Association. "Then, we try to understand exactly the impact that new and refurbished buildings have had on our community and the citizen of the year community service awards. Then, we take a vote. We have a wonderful pool to work with, and we ended up having really good award winners."

The most prestigious award was given to Judge Joseph Houser, earning Citizen of the Year 2021.

"Houser has been a long time judge, township trustee, and attorney in the community. His father before him as well," Luke said to 21 News. "He is very involved in our community on a local basis, and we are very happy he is receiving this very prestigious citizen of the year award."

Honorees received a plaque to honor and thank them for the mark they've left on the community.