Students in Campbell are learning remotely Monday and Tuesday following the death of a principal who passed away last week.

"Mr. Klingensmith always stressed the kids are always first. Do what's best for kids," said Campbell K-3 associate principal, Jim Goske.

And that's what the teachers at Campbell Elementary are trying to do.

Tuesday, in his memory, teachers loaded buses to deliver presents to students in need. It's all part of a 20 plus year tradition but this year it feels a little more special because they say Mr. Klingensmith cared so much for his students.

"We always look out for our families and we always look out for the social and emotional well-being of our kids, the things besides academics that our kids need even more than academics," added Goske.

"I ask the teachers to give me names and I then reach out to family members, just saying, is the need there? They get games, Campbell spirit wear, they also get new coats, gloves and hats. sometimes we get boots," said Campbell social worker, Karen Paradise.

This year they raised enough money through fundraisers to buy gifts for around 45 students.
They were delivered this year because the students are working remotely before Christmas break due to Mr. Klingensmith's passing.

"He was always more focused on the positives than the negative. Whenever there was a child in trouble, he took the time to listen to change those behaviors and look for positive outlets for them, for their families and he touched the entire community," said Campbell superintendent, Matthew Bowen.

Kligensmith was just 53 years old. He served Campbell schools for 8 years.