Warren city schools provide transportation to its students who live outside its mile-wide walk-zone from each of their buildings.  So that means some students have to get a ride or walk to school.

Now one upcoming county project aims to make that walk a little safer.

People who live along route 45 coming into the city of Warren know traffic can be a little busy.

And there's one particular stretch of what is also called Tod Avenue that is missing something crucial for those who live in the area. Sidewalks.
And it can dangerous enough for adults, let alone, children.

"It's crazy because when I personally go to the store I have to walk in the street because there's no sidewalk there. I make the cars move over. I'm like 'move over!'," said local Warren resident, Gearldine Godley.

A lot of students who live around Jefferson Pre-K through 8th grade school get there, well, however they can.

There are some parts of Tod Avenue that don't have sidewalks where students have created small dirt footpaths that are dangerously close to the street and school officials say these sidewalks are needed now more than ever to keep those students safe.

"Anytime you have a school that's built on a four-lane road like Tod Avenue where Jefferson school is, there's concern with traffic and the speed of traffic and the amount of traffic that flows through. So given the environment having the additional sidewalks is a huge safety factor for our kids," said Warren School Superintendent, Steve Chiaro.

Now the county is planning to put in sidewalks on both sides of Tod Avenue close to Jefferson school where there currently are none.

The $115,000 project is expected to start in the Summer of 2022.

Warren's school superintendent says he also working to make sure other areas of the city that don't have sidewalks near schools get constructed as well.