Poland Township Trustees met at the township government center for a special meeting to discuss ARP funds Wednesday evening.

Fiscal Officer, PJ Canter tells 21 News that the township has a total of $1.2 million in ARP funds. Canter says some of the revenue is going to allocate what Poland needs as a town.

There are no specifics on what the funds will be used for at this time except $400,000 that will be going towards household assistance. Canter says the township would like to adapt a similar system to Mahoning County and give $10,000 to businesses who request it.

As for other uses for the money, Trustee Eric Ungroe tells 21 News there is a three step process for ARP hearings:

-Hear what the public wants done

-Decide if the projects are feasible

-Decide what projects they want to be done to help the township as a whole.