A penguin partnership? Seems like a no brainer. Youngstown State Penguins teaming up with the Pittsburgh penguins?

Well it's happened. YSU has set up shop, so to say, at home hockey games in 'the Burgh' where Pete and Iceburg can hang out together.

The purpose is for YSU to get some Western Pennsylvania interest.

"They actually reached out to us. They saw some of our initial efforts in Pittsburgh, the billboards we were putting out there. And they said you know, you're penguins. We are penguins. Let's work together," said A.J. Minotti, YSU Assistant Director of Marketing.


It's no secret enrollment is falling at YSU and just about every regional college and university.

In fact, YSU's enrollment has declined by 11 percent, over the last 3 years and now stands at an all time low of 11,298 students.

 By expanding their marketing outside the Youngstown demographic, they feel they can bring in students who never thought YSU as an option before.

To help matters, YSU lowered its costs for out-of-state students significantly to try to attract people outside the normal commuter type demo.


"We used to have an out-of-state tuition fee that has been reduced down to about $350. A reduction of about $6,000 from where it was and again, it jsut makes Youngstown State a great affordable education," said Minotti.

Marketers say Pete's Pittsburgh visits are getting some interest across the border and they hope that translates to a higher out of town student population this fall.