Friday's during lent are often a busy time for the Catholic church. We all know about the fish fries and Perogie dinners that take place during the 40-day observance. It takes a lot of hands to make that happen, and area churches tell us they can always use extra help.

Many churches are working with less volunteers than usual on those busy fish Fridays

"I'm short on cooks, I'm short on runners," said Patty Infante with St. Brendan Parish. "If you don't have those cooks there to keep it moving and we're behind on stuff. people don't appreciate that ."

The shortage in volunteers, along with rising fish costs have forced some churches, including St. Christines to cancel their fish fries.

"We understand there are a couple churches in our area that are not doing fish dinners, so we feel that we are going to get some of their customers also," said Infante.

Perogie dinners are also go-to favorite on Friday's during lent, a meal that requires all hands on deck.

"The perogie we usually work in two days and takes close to 25 people to prepare this whole dinner." said Fr. Ivan Tchopko of St. peter and Paul Ukranian Orthodox Church.

"We need 40 people out here pinching when we sell 4-500 dozen perogie," said Patty Ciferno with St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Perish.

A common theme amongst most churches particularly with older congregations following the pandemic.

"It hit us hard because people were afraid of getting out of their homes," said Tchopko.