The Ohio Ministry Network has released the findings of its investigation into a Boardman youth leader who was recently sentenced for having a sexual relationship with two female juveniles.

The network's two-month investigation into the matter revealed that church officials at Victory Christian Center knew about the relationship 23-year-old Mark Cuprik had with the girl, but never reported it to authorities.

In many cases, religious leaders are required by law to report such abuse to the police.

The Ohio Ministry Network says the two pastors were Cuprik's parents and that are no longer employed by Victory Christian and recommended that the clergy member who held Assembly of God credentials have them dismissed.

"Current [Victory Christian] leadership has made commendable strides toward ensuring tragedies like this are avoided in the future and that all clergy and personnel are continually updated on state requirements regarding the reporting of abuse," the Ohio Ministry Network said.

Mahoning County Prosecutor, Paul Gains tells 21 News that his office is still investigating this case.