Visit Lawrence County has announced on Tuesday that the 2022 Lawrence County Craft Burger Trail.

This year, 17 restaurants in the area will be participating in the event, all with unique burgers. Your goal? Munch your way through the trail with over 100 unique burgers to choose from.

Participating restaurants this year are as follows:

- 2nd Ward Sanctuary (510 Lawrence Ave. Ellwood City)

- Breaking Bread Co. (530 Lawrence Ave. Ellwood City)

- Burg Bar (1118 11th St. West Pittsburg)

- Crane Room Grille (3009 Wilmington Rd. New Castle)

- Crooked Tongue Brewing (2516 Benjamin Franklin Hwy. Edinburg)

- DiSilvio's Family Restaurant (100 W. Washington St. New Castle)

- Edward's Restaurant & Lounge (909 Wilmington Ave. New Castle)

- Grill on the Hill (3208 Wilmington Rd. New Castle)

- Hill House Restaurant (3198 W. Pittsburg Rd. New Castle)

- Hugger Mugger Tasty Recipes (2650 Ellwood Rd. New Castle)

- Koehler Brewery Pub (130 Wampum Ave. Ellwood City)

- Mike's Main Street Bar & Grill (708 Lawrence Ave. Ellwood City)

- Patsy's Bar & Grill (207 E. Long Ave. New Castle)

- Riardo's Bar & Grill (1223 E. Washington St. New Castle)

- Smokin' Dave's BBQ (324 Wampum Ave. Ellwood City)

- Starwood Rib & Steakhouse (1115 Butler Ave. New Castle)

- Town & Country Bar & Grill (2552 Benjamin Franklin Hwy. Edinburg)

This year, Koehler Brewery Pub and Patsy's Bar & Grill are making their first appearances at the event. 

Visit Lawrence County Assistant Director Ginny Jacob says the main goal of this event is to showcase local restaurants and their unique, one-of-a-kind burgers.

"We've had a really great response regionally and are looking forward to continued growth and positive feedback," Jacob said.

Some burgers found at the event will be made with grilled cheese. Others will include burgers with pierogi and buns, burgers with fried eggs and bacon, beer-infused burgers, vegetarian burgers, prime rib burgers, and much more.

Guests can even build their own burgers, and daring guests can take the Cliffhanger Challenge with a triple cheeseburger, nine pieces of bacon, and a mountain of fries. Finish it in 10 minutes, and the meal is free.

Guests who visit all 17 establishments and order at least one burger from each and ask a staff member of each location to place an official burger trail sticker on their passport will be entered to win a grand prize basket worth $250.

Guests who visit at least ten establishments will receive an official Burger Trail t-shirt. 

To print out your passport for the 2022 Burger Trail, click here.