The Mahoning County Children Services has ranked first for having the highest percentage of timely intake investigations completed in a timely manner when compared to the 28 largest counties in Ohio.

The data shows the agency completed child abuse and neglect investigations in a timely manner.

A monthly report from the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services (ODJFS) shows Mahoning County moved up a spot from the second place ranking they were awarded in 2022.

An 'On-Time' report means that the intake investigation was completed within 45 days from the date the case was opened. If the report cannot be completed within 45 days, the agency is permitted to request a 15 day extension.

When a case is opened, there is an extensive intake 'check-list' given by the state that must be completed before a case can be closed or transferred to the appropriate department. This ensures that while cases move through the Intake Department quickly, nothing is missed.

In a period spanning from October of 2021 to March 15th of 2022, a report from ODJFS shows that nearly 97% of cases in Mahoning County were completed with an 'On-Time' rating.

Jennifer Kollar, the Public Information Officer for Mahoning County Children Services tells 21 News that the first place ranking is a testament to the agency's efficiency.

"This shows we're doing good work here, and we're doing it in a timely an efficient manner," said Kollar.

Over the course of 2021, Mahoning County Children Services received 4,483 reports of child abuse and neglect. Of those reports, 1,128 were investigated and a case was open.

when compared to the 28 largest counties in the state