A Warren mother of three has pleaded not guilty to child endangering after police say she left those children home alone

Talaya Oliver, 22, was arrested at her Martin Street home late Monday after a neighbor called police saying she heard a baby crying for more than an hour.

The neighbor showed police a video which officers say recorded the sound of a child crying for fifteen minutes before Oliver arrived at her home.

Officers questioned Oliver who told them she left home for a short time, leaving her fifteen-year-old child to care for her other children who are aged  11-months old, two years old, and five years old.

Police talked to the neighbor again who told them Oliver doesn’t have a 15-year-old child. Officers went back and looked through Oliver’s home and didn’t find a teenager there.

An officer reports finding a lighted candle that appeared to have been burning for quite some time in the home.

The children were turned over to the care of a relative while Oliver was booked into the county jail.

After her court hearing, Oliver was released on bond pending another hearing set for May 12.

Warren Municipal Court Judge Thomas Gysegem ordered that Oliver is not permitted to have contact with the children without children's services supervision.