The Youngstown Police Department has charged two juveniles in connection to an aggravated robbery that happened in February.

According to the release, the robbery happened at the Shell Gas Station on the 3200 block of Market Street on February 17th.

According to the release, several juveniles drove a stolen Lexus into the station and robbed a female victim, taking her Cadillac at gunpoint.

Both suspects then left in the two stolen cars.

Youngstown police located the two juveniles on foot the next day and took them into custody for questioning.

YPD Detectives say the gun believed to be used in the robbery was also recovered.

The juvenile suspects, a 15-year-old and a 16-year-old who have not been named are facing felony charges of aggravated robbery with firearm specifications.

One of the juveniles is in custody and an order of apprehension is out for the other.