Pennsylvania State Police are cracking down on drugs in the state, seizing more than $23 million in illegal substances during the first quarter of 2022.

State Police announced Thursday that troopers have confiscated $23,160,277 worth of cocaine, heroin, fentanyl and other substances during the quarter.

Of that total, more than $3.7 million was in cocaine and nearly $3 million was narcotic pills.

State Police also collected nearly 900 pounds of prescription medicine as part of their drug take-back program. Currently, 65 drug take-back boxes are positioned at state police stations.

21 News asked if there was a breakdown for the number of drugs seized in Lawrence and Mercer counties but PSP says the numbers are only collected as statewide totals.

Below is a breakdown of the drugs seized:

First Quarter Drug Seizure Totals



Total Seized

Total Value of Amount Seized


163.44 lbs.


Crack Cocaine

4.78 lbs.



13 lbs.



64.2 lbs.



348 doses


Marijuana THC – Liquid

16.81 pints


Marijuana THC – Solid

157 lbs.


Marijuana Plants

162 plants


Processed Marijuana

4,268.6 lbs.



120.86 lbs.


MDMA – Ecstasy

0.015 lbs.


MDMA – Pills

83 pills


Other Narcotics

44.64 lbs.


Other Narcotics (Pills)

119,305 pills



Total Value