The Mahoning County OVI Task Force had a busy night on Friday when it conducted its second checkpoint in the last month, but made no OVI related arrests throughout the night.

A total of 434 vehicles passed through the checkpoint on Market Street and Hillman Street in Boardman between 10 p.m. until 2 a.m. Saturday morning. Of those, the task force only directed ten vehicles for further investigation. 

Six summons for Driving Under Suspension, five for Drug Abuse, and two summons of Drug Paraphernalia headlined the force's findings in those vehicles. 

There were no arrests at all and zero summons made related to impaired driving during the checkpoint.

"Everyone is receptive to us trying to keep the roadway safe," said Canfield Assistant Police Chief Scott Wiemer, who oversees the task force. "That's a good thing that there were no OVI arrests, it means the public is receptive to us creating these checkpoints."

The Ohio Department of Public Safety provides federal funds to support the Mahoning County OVI Task Force.