A Salem funeral director is free from jail on bond after being accused of trying bribe a local judge.

Robert Greenisen, 56, was arraigned before a visiting judge in Columbiana County Municipal Court Monday on a charge of attempted bribery.

Greenisen is listed as a director and embalmer on the website of at the Arbaugh-Pearce-Greenisen Funeral Home.

According to an affidavit filed by a Columbiana County Sheriff’s Detective, on April 14 someone deposited an envelope containing a letter and $500 in the Municipal Court night dropbox.

The letter written in the third person was addressed to “Your Honor” and was accompanied by twenty-five, $20 bills.

Security camera video recorded only one non-law enforcement vehicle outside the court that night.

It was a Dodge pickup truck that investigators say is similar to one found at Arbaugh-Pearce-Greenise Funeral Home on East State Street.

After searching the funeral home, detectives say Robert Greenisen confessed to typing the letter and delivering to Judge Timothy McNichol’s office.  Detectives say a copy of the letter was found on Greenisen’s computer.

On the same day the envelope full of money was delivered, Judge McNichol stepped down from hearing an OVI case that is pending against Greenisen.

That case and the attempted bribery case have been assigned to visiting Judge David Stucki. A preliminary hearing on the attempted bribery charge is set for next week.

According to the funeral home's website, the business was purchased by Ray Greenisen in 1977.