Before the blueprints for a new K-8 building in Canfield are even drawn, the district is going back to the drawing board.

"We're going to have some good, tough, long conversations about where we go from here," said superintendent Joe Knoll.

Wednesday, the school board voted unanimously to pull the seven mill bond issue - that got trounced in last Tuesday's primary - from the August ballot.

"(We'll) spend some time collecting input doing some surveys, having some meetings and try to find out what can our Canfield stakeholders, what can they agree to," Knoll said.

In a 21 News Watchdog Report last month, we told you Canfield's fire chief Don Hutchinson and others pointed out the proposed site contained an ethane pipeline. The chief suggested the school be built 300 feet away from the pipeline.

At Wednesday's state of the schools address, district leaders acknowledged that may have been a factor in voters saying 'no'.

"That's one issue for one segment of people, but I think cost is also an issue for the community," said school board president Nader Atway. "That's something we'll have to look at, plus people don't like the idea of losing their community schools."

Atway says his priority now is to learn why voters shot down the bond levy.
Superintendent Knoll told 21 News the plan is to take the input the district gets in the coming weeks and months and go back to the voters next May.