"It gives you nightmares," says Animal Charity of Ohio operations director Jane MacMurchy.

Authorities in Mahoning County say 42 year old Gary Smith shot, strangled and buried two dogs in his back yard in 2020.
At the time, humane agents say what started as a case of domestic violence ended with Smith using the animals as pawns.

"Torturing them, killing them, starving them for his own personal gain," MacMurchy says. "That's just what evil is."

MacMurchy and other advocates have been working with prosecutors since Smith got indicted on felony animal cruelty charges.
In April 2021, Smith stopped showing up for court and had a bench warrant put out against him.
MacMurchy says that makes working the case especially frustrating.

"We have no closure, there's no justice for these animals," she said. "It is one of these cases that lingers over all of our heads."

The legal process is wont to drag on.
In this case, MacMurchy says COVID has only made it worse.
But she understands, and says it isn't hurting her resolve to find the justice she speaks so strongly of.

"We don't know where he is and we don't know if he is out there abusing other animals...we just hope that somebody turns him in or he turns himself in."

Anyone with info on Gary Smith, Jr's whereabouts should call police or Animal Charity of Ohio at 330-788-1064.