A Columbiana County man ended up in jail after police say he ignored parents’ demands that he stop seeing their thirteen-year-old daughter.

Alex Shroades, 19, of Salineville was arraigned Thursday on charges of sexual imposition and importuning for allegedly soliciting sex from an adolescent.

A North Benton man told police he found Shroades and his 13-year-old daughter parked in a truck after she had been gone from home for a long time and the father went out searching for her.

According to the parents, after learning of the age difference between their daughter and Shroades, they blocked their daughter’s Snap Chat account and even smashed her mobile phone.

The parents told police they believed the two stayed in contact using multiple Snap Chat accounts.

Police say Shroades said he had been dating the girl since Christmas, admitting that he touched the girl’s privates through her clothing and asked her to undress for him.

Police say Shroades at first believed the girl was 16 or 17 years old, but kept seeing her after learning her true age because he was afraid that she may harm herself.

After conferring with the prosecutor, charges were filed against Shroades. He was arrested on Wednesday.