During life and death situations  Ham Radio operators are there to provide vital communications. 
They are so important to communications during disasters, and emergencies that the US Department of Defense is also working with them.
They are behind the scenes in many ways serving the public.
From the Peace Race, Panerathon and Saint Patty's Day Parade Amateur Radio Operators are behind the scenes along the routes, providing communication in case someone taking part needs medical help, or in event of a mass emergency.
"There's another group that is actually helping out the "Celebrate Poland Parade," today, so where you see parades, or you see public happenings many times amateur radio is in the background providing communications for that as a public service,"  member of the Mahoning Valley Amateur Radio Association, Frank Sole said.
He tells us the Mahoning Valley Amateur Radio Operators at the Mill Creek Metro Park Farm in Canfiled are joining around 50,000 others across our country in a nationwide field exercise.
They operate using generators, batteries, and solar power, so when the electricity goes out, they are still able to communicate during natural disasters, including floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, or earthquakes.
They are so important the Department of Defense is working with them more now.
"They know in times of emergency, natural disasters or God forbid war, one of the things we might lose would be cell service, internet connections, telephone service may not work, yet radio communication is still likely to work,"  Mahoning Valley Amateur Radio Association member Mark Munroe added.
I asked if they are ready for the Zombie apocalypse or an EMP, electromagnetic pulse, weapon strike that could destroy forms of communication.
Soles laughed and responded, EMP is something we have had training for and we talk an awful lot about; something we constantly prepare for. We are always looking at how to respond to any Zombie Apocalypse if you mean the worst case scenario.
The public is invited to see what takes place during this exercise that continues until 2:00 p.m. Sunday.