Fourth of July weekend just came to a close, with 2022 being the first year under Ohio's new, more relaxed firework laws. Phantom Fireworks Vice President, Bill Weimer tells us this has done the business some favors.

Weimer tells 21 News that with these more relaxed regulations, Phantom felt "a surge of new customers" in its Ohio stores.

Weimer says under the new laws, fireworks are permitted the weekend after the Fourth as well, so he's interested in seeing the type of traffic the store will get then.

With the new surge in customers, one may ask if Phantom would have enough supplies to meet the greater demand, but Weimer assures that Phantom is ahead of the game.

Weimer tells 21 News that Phantom has a philosophy to try to have six months worth of fireworks in preparation for the next Fourth of July season so if the demand goes up, they'll be ready for it. 

This philosophy has done wonders for the business in the past. Weimer tells us that during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic, there were firework shortages across the country with some stores needing to close on July 2 and 3 because they were all out of product. 

Phantom never had to close its doors because they didn't run out of fireworks due to this philosophy. 

Weimer says he hopes that Phantom's sales continue to thrive and even increase more during future firework seasons.