Starting at nine o'clock Wednesday morning, Morgan Oil on Route 224 in Poland saw cars pouring out of it's parking lot with lines extended for miles.

"Filling up the can, filling up the truck, no limit get it...I should've brought more cans.", said David Pearson, from New Bedford, Pennsylvania.

All made possible by American for Prosperity Ohio, a conservative organization that purchased 2,500 gallons of fuel, resulting in discounted prices for more than 150 customers. 

"At this time right now where families are right now, we need everything we can get.", said one family, who saw this as a golden opportunity to fill up their camper.

While people waited in line, and filled up their tanks, the political action group, which tells 21 News this is a single-stop on a country-wide tour, spoke with customers on why they believe gas prices are high, and rising.

"There are over 25 things that the Biden administration has done in it's first year in office that have contributed to rising costs...from increasing regulation to making it harder to access drilling, and the permitting required to be able to do that.", says Donovan O'Neil, state director for AFP.

Among those in attendance to support the mission, U.S. Congressman Bill Johnson, who says production needs to ramp up in the United States.

"That's where we're hurting right now because we don't have production up here in our country, we're having to buy it from other countries at higher prices and the distribution, the pipelines not being available.", Johnson explained.

Industry expert Sarah Jenyk, explains that when the pandemic hit, production was up while demand was real low.  Oil Companies along with refineries began to cease production, and although demand has since increased, production hasn't met that demand.

"Investors don't want to see these companies investing in more production, they want to see these companies hold on to this cash because they still feel the future is uncertain.", Jenyk elaborated.

Jenyk believes there are ways to incentivize oil companies ramp up production.

"You can either impose a penalty if you're holding onto profits instead of reinvesting it, or you can also offer a subsidy, or some kind of taxed credit, or benefit for taking that leap.", Jenyk adds