State Representative Mark Longietti announced on Wednesday that the City of Sharon will be receiving $348,000 for major upgrades to a traffic signal located at a major intersection in the city.

The traffic light at the intersection of West State Street and Irvine Avenue will be upgraded in order to modernize this intersection located at the base of the city's business district.

Longietti says this funding will allow the city to overhaul signal equipment at this intersection in ways to "greatly improve traffic flow and safety."

"The work will include installation of new mast arms to improve signal visibility, pedestrian signals with countdown features to enhance crossing safety, controllers that operate based on traffic demand to better regulate traffic flow and emergency vehicle preemption features that provide responders right-of-way to improve response time and reduce the risk of collisions," Longietti said.

Longietti adds that this grant covers the majority of the funds needed for this project; a total of $435,000.