It's been nearly one week since an almost twenty hour standoff at an Austintown apartment complex ended with a police involved shooting.

21 received body cam footage from Austintown police which paints the picture of what led to that standoff.

It started around 9:10 p.m. on July 18th when Austintown Patrol Officer Jason Murzda and two other officers made contact with Imonie Hackett for a welfare check.

Hi, Hi, who are you? We're the police. You're not the police. Yeah, are you alright? What do you mean am I alright? I'm changing my locks. I know, but you just said we're not the police.

As the conversation continues, Hackett talks about people from Chicago watching her and Murzda again asks if Hackett is ok.

I have talked to somebody and I know. They already watching you. Who? Whose watching? I don't know, the people while they was watching me was watching them so what is the problem, what is the issue sir? There's no issue, we're just coming to check your house. You don't need to check my house. Are you ok? What you mean am I ok, yeah I'm ok, I got friends that's watching so they probably outside too. They're here, around. Ok. They said they got to keep their distance. Why? Just because they might have to, I don't know. Because I guess people are bothering me and they are not happy with that because of the situation and they are very highly upset, they're not even from here so you will have to deal, I don't have nothing to do with that.

Murzda says he noticed bullets by Hackett's side and something under her right leg, but could not make out if it was a firearm.

Do you have a gun near you? No, yes, no. Where is it at? Why? Well, I see bullets laying on the floor that is why I'm asking. I'm allowed to carry. Yeah, I know, you're allowed. What is the issue, but ya'll worried about me, that is for my safety just in case someone comes after me.

As time goes by, Hackett appears to get more agitated.

So, what do you guys want from me? We just wanted to make sure you're ok, you are talking. I'm not talking. All over, yeah. Well, if you mess with me, you know they're not, hey, you want to find out, I don't know what to tell you, I don't know, I'm not into that, they are keeping their distance. So, it ain't nothing I can do for you guys, so I ain't flashing my gun, I am sitting here changing my locks and he's just making sure I'm protected.

Murzda then tries to talk to Hackett's 9-year-old son who was sitting next to her.

You are alright man? You shouldn't worry about me. You ok? Is this odd behavior for your mom? No. She act like this all the time? What do you want from me?
Did she act like this all the time? No. Do you think something is wrong with her? No. You don't? Ya'll not about to get my son.

Hackett eventually slams the door on Murzda and the officers began to leave. They say she then came back out of the apartment with a gun.

You better drop the gun! You better leave me alone. Drop the gun! No, leave me alone. You better drop the gun! leave me alone, drop the gun! Drop the gun! Have a good day officer. Drop the gun! Bye.
Imonie? Leave me alone. Imonie? Leave me alone.
Imonie come out of here and drop the gun! Have a good day officer. Drop the gun! Have a good day officer.

Hackett went back into her apartment and officers started evacuating the building. Officers say Hackett could be heard yelling for her son to give her more clips and to load more clips.

Hostage negotiators from CRT then arrived to take over tactical response.

Imonie, we are out here, I just need you to put the gun down and step outside the door.

The standoff then ended about 18 hours later with police entering the building and Hackett going to the hospital after an officer involved shooting.

According to a police report, Hackett was recently released from psychiatric care. She's now facing a number of charges including inducing panic and child endangering.