The City of Sharon has announced on Tuesday that $1.3 million in ARP funds will be awarded to multiple development projects in Downtown Sharon.

The projects include apartments with an indoor recreational facility near Penn State University's Shenango Campus, a destination collab of themed bars and restaurants, a performing arts center and much more.

The first round of funds will be given to businesses in order to support larger projects that will help move downtown development forward.

City Manager, Bob Fiscus says all funds support big projects and that the city is focused on sustainable economic development and building the city's local economy with these funds.

Diehl Hyundai of Sharon will receive $250,000 in ARP funds for heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC). Diehl Automotive Vice President, Matt Diehl says these funds will create the most "up-to-date" Hyundai facility in Western Pennsylvania and Northeast Ohio.

"Being a part of a community that is willing to invest in us will inspire us to invest even more in the city's initiatives and the community as a whole. Our hope is to inspire others to invest in the city of Sharon," Diehl said.

ACTS Theatre Group will receive $225,000 for business expansion. ACTS Board President, Tom Perman says he anticipates these funds will allow ACTS to finish renovations to its former Sacred Heart sanctuary to create a second performance space seating over 250 people.

"Our new performing arts center will stimulate revitalization and economic development in the region. The ARPA monies will allow us to provide continuous entertainment and educational programming for years to come," Perman said.

JCL Development & Hudson Companies will receive $450,000 for student housing near PSU's Shenango Campus.

"Transforming this corridor from industrial to high quality of life features that will include an indoor recreational facility along with 12 apartments has been a long goal of ours," said JCL Development CEO, James Landino.

Landino says he is "beyond excited" to work with the Hudson Companies and build market rate apartments near the university.

"To see it fully funded and ready for construction is awesome and we thank the city leaders for believing in our vision for what downtown can look and feel like," Landino said.

The Buhl Club will receive $225,000 for HVAC improvements.

Buhl Club Executive Director, Jason Kmick says that phase one of this $7 million project should be completed by the end of 2022 and will include renovations to the entire first floor with an updated wellness and fitness center, a new youth and teen center, a new welcome center, family locker room and mechanical updates throughout.

Phase two will include renovations and new bathrooms on the second floor to better support Penn State athletics.

"We believe that once our project is complete we will play our part to bring people from the Shenango Valley to downtown Sharon," Kmick said.

Finally, Nova Destinations, Pulaski will receive $150,000 for new business startup.

Owner, Walt Novosel says he's very excited to use these funds to bring "multiple, unique, one-of-a-kind destinations to Sharon" referencing his grandfather who established Walt's Inn in the early 1970s and his uncle who owned Billy's Black and Gold for many years.

Novosel added that he's exited to continue his family's presence in Sharon and more details on full plans will be announced in the coming weeks.

Sharon City Council Vice Presidnet, Carl Sizer expressed his excitement about the forward motion happening in the city.

"The city's goal is to invest in projects and initiatives that are aligned with the long term goal of improving downtown and its surrounding areas. We are excited to see these projects move forward and improve our city," Sizer said.