A Niles woman is behind bars after police say she smashed the window of the police cruiser she was in during her arrest.

Police say it was Sunday evening when a Struthers officer saw a black SUV at the intersection of Fifth Street and Elm Street, speeding up and braking as if it was trying to hit a van that was in front of it. The driver of the van flagged the officer down, and told him "This lady has some road rage issues, and keeps trying to hit my car."

When the officer approached the black SUV, the report says it accelerated through a stop sign and stopped a block later.

Police advised the driver, 25 year-old Brooke Brady, about the other driver's complaint. Brady responded saying that the man she was following was going 25mph. The officer told Brady that the speed limit on Fifth Street is only 25mph, and the other driver was simply following the traffic laws.

According to the report, Brady then fled the scene after the officer returned to his cruiser to write her a traffic citation. The officer noted that there were two young children in the back of Brady's car at the time. Other officers were called for backup, and eventually blocked Brady's car in traffic.

Police say after repeated requests for Brady to exit the vehicle, she continued screaming "no" while displaying manic behavior. When police removed her from the vehicle, Brady continued to struggle and resist the arrest. At this point, police say Brady was tased and fell to the ground.

Brady was placed into the back of a cruiser and the children were given to a relative, according to police.

The struggle didn't end there.

While en route to the Struthers Police Department, an officer says Brady continued to scream while she kicked the door and window of the cruiser. The report notes that Brady began to slam her head against the partition. At this point, the officer pulled into a parking lot and called for back up out of concern that Brady would harm herself.

While waiting for another unit to arrive, the officer says Brady slipped out of a handcuff and began striking the window, shattering it.

The officer then held Brady at taser point, while another officer who just arrived on scene placed reenforced handcuffs on her.

Brady was taken for a mental evaluation and has since been transferred to the Mahoning County Jail. She is charged with failure to comply, resisting arrest, endangering children, and vandalism.